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IMG_1704 Editor-in-Chief/Founder: Caseyrenée Lopez is a non-binary queerfemme atheist living in the Deep South. They write their pain as poems, & in addition to editing Crab Fat Magazine, run TQ Review & Damaged Goods Press in an effort to platform marginalized writers/artists. Their first chapbook of poems, QueerSexWords, was published by Yellow Chair Press in April 2016. Their recent work can be found in Sea Foam Magazine, Thank You for SwallowingYellow Chair Review, Dirty ChaiThe Fem,  & others. Follow them on Twitter @caseyreneelopez.


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IMG_1694Creative Nonfiction Editor: Willy (Ella Ann) Weaver is a non-binary queerfemme Creative Writing major living in Georgia with her two furbabies.  They spend most of their time reading, writing, listening to music, & crafting.  Willy loves exploring nature & learning about the universe. They identify as an atheist who is currently exploring & discovering their gender identity. They are passionate about LGBTQ rights & write about growing up queer in the Bible belt & self-acceptance. Their recent work can be read in Yellow Chair Review & Unlost Journal. Follow them on Twitter @WillyWeaver89.


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1901385_1048283975199209_2074436411705662805_nFiction Editor: X. Paul Lopez is a trans, Latinx, freethinking secular-humanist, with a general love of science. Believing that education and freethought are the keys to a diverse, successful, & productive society, he promotes open dialogue about social issues because humans can solve our own problems through logic & reason. X.Paul is currently working on his Bachelor’s of Science in Astrophysics and Planetary Geology, & has dreams of one day working at NASA. Follow him on Twitter @ThatFatGuyPaul.


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p7bI72Y-_400x400Art Editor/Cover Designer: Justine is a lesbian New Englander trapped in the Southeastern USA. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design and when she’s not at her 9 to 5 she’s hiking and living outdoors. Justine is also into printmaking, photography, and painting. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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File_000 (1)Interviews Editor: Mai Nguyen Do is an asexual, first-generation Vietnamese-American poet, student, and musician currently residing in the Los Angeles Area, though she’s working on moving to Virginia in the very near future to pursue a degree in International Relations. In her free time, Mai can often be found teaching Vietnamese to young children and playing League of Legends. Her debut poetry collection, Ghosts Still Walking, is available from Platypus Press, and you can find her on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as her website.


You can contact Mai directly at
Reader: Jourden V. Sander is a bookseller, writer and the EIC of lit zine Feminine Inquiry in Austin, TX. She’s been published a few places including The Fem, Five2One, The Rumpus, Ghost City Press, Maudlin House, the Austin International Poetry Festival 2015 anthology Di-Vêrsé-City, and others. She wears a different color lipstick every day of the week and finds you suspicious. She says hello! Follow her on twitter @jourdensander.


    1. Hi C,
      The issue as a whole will not be in print, but selected pieces from the issue will appear in our 3rd annual print anthology next summer (2017).

  1. I read your poem on Visceral Uterus just now. The only thing that disgusted me was the reference to the dog hair beneath your nails, or something in that vein. Not that it’s gross – shit, that’s my own trip (that I don’t dig dogs).

    I’m just saying the poem was good – in a beautifully primal sort of way, which I hope is what you were shooting for. If not, well, how’s this – I thought the thing was just lovely and danced with the stars.

    I haven’t checked your site out fully yet, as I just came across it via a google search after reading your poem a few minutes ago, but, if you accept submissions, I’ll probably shoot one your way at some point.

    Scott Thomas Outlar

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