Pushcart Prize Nominations 2016

Crab Fat Magazine is happy to announce our selections for the 2016 Pushcart Prize!

“Safira before the beginning” by Jaclyn Costello (long form poetry, Feburary 2016, issue 7, pg 4)

“family medical history chart” by Sung Yim (poetry, August 2016)

“My Roommate Tells Me of His Own Death” by Linette Reeman (poetry, August 2016)

“someday, i’ll love george abraham” by George Abraham (poetry, September 2016)

“I Keep Thinking How Young You Can Die From Old Age” by Julian Randall (poetry, November 2016)

“Pruned Branches” by Maya Kanwal (creative nonfiction, August 2016)

Please join us in congratulating the nominees!

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